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Part of Peer-to-peer Network
The cryptocurrency would depend on the peer-to-peer network. This network will make sure that the transactions are carried out safely.The decentralized network will avoid interference of third parties in between. It makes the transactions quick and secure. This network allows the user to pass the to the other user directly.
Keep the Transactions Anonymous
The identity of the people who are involved in the transaction would not be revealed except the address of the cryptocurrency. The encryption would hide their identity.
Every transaction will directly go to the marketing wallet in order to ensure an increase in exposure throughout advertisement platforms, social media and to secure contracts and deals with influencers. This will help $BabySharkDoge achieve an international status and to be known within every community!
Every transaction will directly go to the token holders wallets
on dex swaps , for tokens increase to keep diamond hands with us and grow our strong community together.
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